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05 to 11 October 2012 
activity area: Java, Yogyakarta Province
 "is truly needed, seedlings of social contribution activities," 
this time, to visit the home of IKAMAJA members of Yogyakarta Province, farmers I was hearing the status quo. Until now, to support training for farmers, crop production, processing methods and quality control, (ASMELINDO / JASMELINDO) We are, he has a certain amount of success.   
However, as a result of this study, we discuss them and stuffed the knee, because I noticed that it involves a major problem, he decided to report this time.   
Below, I decided to raise the example, open.

 "The challenge of profitability ... deal with leading companies" 
in the countryside for three hours, a couple of Jogja Sudarushi, agriculture and civil servant husband, wife, and guidance to farmers for the cultivation of black beans, onion, melon drive from Jogja management training center. Delivered to negotiate with leading companies to produce a crop of graduates, supporting the lives of the producers of the student.  
 I asked the financial condition of the training center (wife), that they delivered to her major companies Unilever. · · · · · · · How much is wrong, and I think she was successful   
in the hearing of about two hours, finally found the cause. Her delivery to Unilever, black beans 20 tons, per. · · · A whopping 2% gross margin, however. "It's good because there are many that would still amount??" Is it true ...?   
When asked about the payment of Unilever, payment terms, the system to pay 60% in advance and 40% after delivery. · · · · That is, payment of 40% is, she must be paid to those who do production, the price of the black beans until the end, was collected. I asked that point, that I "borrowed from the bank working capital of 3 million yen." And I was surprised to hear that interest rates, " 18% interest rate!".Whatl?
 Is it not the interest of Usury Speaking in Japan! ? She drops the shoulder and ... "became a collateral of bank also own land."  
Then, when we look at things, this is a fact that seems to be a sense of responsibility among farmers borrow money, for that repayment is thin. From the perspective of the bank, where I might have said that a reasonable interest rate that incorporates some degree of risk.However, there is no reason to do anything it is not much, in the interests of 2%, was borrowed working capital of 18%, and profit out! ! ! (And?! That she does not understand well themselves even whether Profit have come!)   
But ...... she heard further "Mellon profit was come," and costing, the Listen to accounting treatment, we will be witnessing the center of this problem farmers face.

 "There is no knowledge of accounting to the farmers," 
Even though agriculture and expenses, which always take. Whether it is something that has been Profit have come first subtracting the cost of fertilizer and other sales is clear.However, whether or not the benefit of the girls, that there are only those sensuous only was this clear.

 "The essence of what we should support" 
in this hearing, that ASMELINDO, must help, I seem to have been explained clearly. Organization that many support groups of system and private government-Although many are doing to contribute to society through such funding, such as farmers in low-income, we are required they to independence, the support of the real is small.  

That is, at least, businesses have done their own, to be able to grasp, whether or not are down the profits, he should not go to education and re-education and training, to self-reliance is itself funding assistance , whether or not used, but I wonder if it would not of ended in (within the inaction) can not be examined effectively?   

ASMELINDO · JASMELINDO We have systems that can work together to be sold stably develop their own international market the products of farmers who received training under the guidance of our revenue production and farmers is stable has been designed to maintain permanently, "accounting education to be able to become an independent farmer," there is essential, while asked to confirm firmly at the feet of their independence until the next generation It is up to the recognized clearly, that it is an important issue for the permanent.   

That way, they, too, will not attempt to cut down the trees in vain, they love nature originally, that we are transformed "plant a tree" I understand more than anyone thought agroforestry rather to farmers would.   

Future, ASMELINDO · JASMELINDO, this "accounting guidance to farmers," I want to work with the center positions of the most important social contribution activities.